19 November 2013

Au seuil des 4000 visiteurs! Merci!

Wow! Je ne croyais jamais attirer un tel nombre de lecteurs à mon blogue! Je sais que récemment mon débit a ralenti à cause de mes études qui doivent prendre le dessus sur ma liste de priorités, mais quand même! Alors, pour vous remercier, je vous partage cette animation que j’ai créée de l’arsenal de Rochefort. Il s’agit d’un de mes premiers essais d’animation de GIFs. J’espère en créer d'autres pour agrémenter mon blogue. Au plaisir de vous partager de nouvelles découvertes dans les archives!

16 November 2013

English Posts, Alice Cooper, and Documentaries

Well, for the longest time I hesitated in writing English posts on my blog. The trouble is, no one is ever happy with which language I choose. Someone is always feeling excluded. So, finding inspiration from Charlevoix’s blog, I’ll write in which ever language I find suits the target audience best. After all, I have a readership in both French Canada and the United States. 

That being said, I have quite a few projects in mind that would make use of Shakespeare’s tongue. One is my dream of someday creating my own documentary on the French in America. Funny thing is, however, I always thought that Vincent Damon Furnier (Fournier) would be the perfect narrator for such a program. Who is he, you might ask?

None other than Alice Cooper...

Why on earth would I choose Alice Cooper to narrate such a documentary? For one, he is of French descent. Second, he grew up in Detroit. Finally, for anyone who hasn't heard him being interviewed, he is not only a great artist, but a fantastic storyteller as well.

This idea has been trotting through my mind for quite some time. Now, I have never seen the movie Wayne’s World before and thus neither did I see Alice Cooper’s cameo until now. So when I saw this clip from the film today, I was immediately clued in that I’m not crazy... he is made for the job!

What do you think? Wouldn't he be a great narrator?