12 November 2021

Historia Nostra: Myth, Memory, and Misconception at the Plains of Abraham

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of hanging out with the amazing historian Erin Isaac, creator of Historia Nostra. If you don't know Erin's work, she is on Facebook (@historianostrayoutube), Twitter (@historia_nostra) and Instagram (@historianostrayoutube). Every month or so, she publishes new videos shedding new light on various topics in colonial history. This time, she invited me to discuss common misconceptions and myths regarding the battle of the Plains of Abraham. You can see the video below, and don't forget to follow Erin's work!


  1. Wait... what? The ONLY cemetery from the 7-Yrs. War that still exists? There has to be some nuance in that statement that I'm missing. You have to explain further Joseph.

    1. Indeed, this is only remaining resting place for fallen soldiers from that war that is still a cemetery. Of course there exists other burial sites, but they are either lost to time or have been found archaeologically.


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