20 May 2019

A French & Indian War Treasure Discovered

Dean Carlson, the Curator of the Museum of Connecticut History in Hartford, was quoted as having a "cerebral meltdown" when viewing what was uncovered behind a wall in a local old home... and to be honest, so am I! The Hartford Courant published yesterday an article regarding the discovery of an amazing sketch that seems to depict a battle during the Seven Years' War in America, or possibly (though less likely if you ask me) from the American Revolution. You can read the full article here. It isn't known if the art was produced by someone who witnessed the battle or simply by a person illustrating one he heard about.
Though I won't repeat the reporting here, I wish to share details that struck my eye observing this wonderful piece of hidden history. 

The original photo from the Hartford Courant

The use of bows and arrows during the Seven Years Wars was often dismissed
by Historians who believed firearms had long replaced them. Though archival
proof exists proving they were indeed used, this is some of the only
iconography I've ever seen.

A cannon being fired. 

The enemy, both French and Indigenous, represented in black and differentiated
by the French wearing hats.

A victim of arrows.

Working with only two colours, the artist could draw the British
in more detail, with hats, pants and shoes. 

No doubt the British and French commanders, leading with their swords.

I can only hope one day I'll have the chance to take a closer look at this unexpected and wonderful visual representation from the French and Indian War.

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