25 May 2015

Upcoming Fort Crèvecœur French & Indian War Event

For anyone looking for a great event on the weekend of August 1-2, 2015, you should check out the first anual French and Indian War event at Fort Crèvecœur in Illinois. From the website: 
Gates are open to the public Saturday and Sunday 9a - 5p. A small gate fee applies. All proceeds from the gate go towards the upkeep of Fort Crevecoeur Park. If you wish to be a participant in this event and are new to our gathering family please feel free to contact us for details, or print off this registration form, fill it out and mail it in, we would love to have you join us. Pre-registration forms due by July 1, 2015. Walk-in's are also welcome. If enough interest is not generated by participants for this event, it will be cancelled with notice and all fees will be refunded.
Don't let this one putter out, folks! Be there or be square!

For more information, visit: http://www.ftcrevecoeur.org/events.html

A foot soldier by Paul Sandby (1731-1809)

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