16 November 2013

English Posts, Alice Cooper, and Documentaries

Well, for the longest time I hesitated in writing English posts on my blog. The trouble is, no one is ever happy with which language I choose. Someone is always feeling excluded. So, finding inspiration from Charlevoix’s blog, I’ll write in which ever language I find suits the target audience best. After all, I have a readership in both French Canada and the United States. 

That being said, I have quite a few projects in mind that would make use of Shakespeare’s tongue. One is my dream of someday creating my own documentary on the French in America. Funny thing is, however, I always thought that Vincent Damon Furnier (Fournier) would be the perfect narrator for such a program. Who is he, you might ask?

None other than Alice Cooper...

Why on earth would I choose Alice Cooper to narrate such a documentary? For one, he is of French descent. Second, he grew up in Detroit. Finally, for anyone who hasn't heard him being interviewed, he is not only a great artist, but a fantastic storyteller as well.

This idea has been trotting through my mind for quite some time. Now, I have never seen the movie Wayne’s World before and thus neither did I see Alice Cooper’s cameo until now. So when I saw this clip from the film today, I was immediately clued in that I’m not crazy... he is made for the job!

What do you think? Wouldn't he be a great narrator?

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